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About the Artist

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María Camila re-interprets the canvas as a mannequin and develops her work from the fashion industry. Giving life to Art pieces with techniques of High Couture with assemblage of rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, textiles and appliqués, creating a layer of textures that stands out from the figurative illustration of its base.


According to the artist "My fascination allows the viewer to enter the magical world of fashion and appreciate its exhibition as a catwalk. My work is an artistic journey that is completely dedicated to women, portraying them, dressing them and highlighting the femininity of each of them, regardless of race, culture or religion"


María Camila Rodríguez studied Fashion Design and did a Master degree in Creation and Management of Fashion companies in Barcelona, where she began her fascination with luxury brands. Her disquieting curiosity led her to enter the big houses contemplating Haute Couture and beginning to create her stamp as an artist. Her work develops from her two great passions Fashion and Art.

The artist has exhibited since 2016 in New York, Miami and Bogotá. Her most recent one was in the international Hotel chain SOFITEL.

My brain 24/7 🧠💡✏️🎨🌈🖍⚡️💻🌐🛒📊⚙️ M

Photo: BlueStudios

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